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I'm busy this morning on a scouting mission for the marshall, Emir Uqais.

A messenger somehow tracked me down in the middle of the desert, and gave me my profits from my recent investments. My ironworks are unfortunately under sequestration on account of the war with the Khergits (it's located in Tulga, well within Khergit territory), but even with just the brewery I'm making a profit. Excellent.

My scouting of Tash Kulun, Rduna, and Halmar complete, I think I'll head back to Durquba to report to Emir Uqais.
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Ah, Beltane. Best not to think about that too much, and instead discuss happy things.

I won another tournament. This time at Tulga. What a grand tournament! All javelins and archery. I think I may have found my niche. Another 3500 in winnings.

After the show, I went to the tavern. And who should I find, but Bunduk! His 200 fee was easily paid, and he is now a member of my party.

I decided it would be prudent to again invest my winnings, not just go off and buy a round for everyone at the tavern (tempting as it was). The guild master set me up with a brewery for 2500, with an anticipated profit of 187 a week. Not much, but decent given the investment price. I think if I continue in this vein, spreading my investments out across all of Calradia, I'll end up with a steady income stream regardless of who is at war with whom.
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While riding through the land of Vaegirs looking for more men, I learned of a tournament at Curaw! Unexpected, but welcome. I've a bit of money as of late, but no real income stream. Things are good right now, but in reality I'm living hand to mouth, so such opportunities are very welcome indeed.

I won the tournament, which gave me a total of 6094 denars. That lack of income, hand to mouth thing? Time to start taking care of that.

I paid a visit to Curaw's guild master, and inquired about various investment opportunities. A brewery would cost me 2500 and turn an estimated profit of 211 per week. Another possibility is a bakery, which is only 1500, and would turn a profit of about 132. Ultimately, I went with an iron works, from which tools are made. The investment was a bit higher (3500 denars), but the return is good. They estimate 546 denars a week!

The iron works will pay for itself in no time at all, and then turn nothing but profit. Good profit at that.

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