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Sure enough, a tournament! Seems to be a contest of archery and swords, a bit of javelin throwing. Straight-forward stuff. As ever, I placed some sneaky bets on myself, and again things turned out rather well. I took home 2500 denars.

Afterward, I hit the market and found a lovely and large bag of Bodkin arrows, which I promptly bought in celebration. Much as I would have loved to have invested in something with greater return, I've been really coveting a decent bag of arrows, and I've only about 3500 to my name. Need a bit more than that to invest in baked goods or wine making.

At the tavern I met a farmer who was having a bit of trouble with desert bandits in his village. My crew and I easily did away with them. Again I refused their payments of cabbage and dried meat. They're peasants. Those days aren't too far behind me, and I remember what that's like.

So, in short, Durquba was made of win. Win for me, win for my men.
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[After an inexplicable hiatus in posting...]

With the recently earned money from the tournament and tax collecting, I have decided to continue my ride through Swadia in search of more hands. I met no new warriors in Dhirim, but I did meet a farmer from the nearby village of Ushkuru who begged us to help rid his village of bandits. Finally, a fight! The battle was swift, we emerged victorious. The peasants offered to pay us in food, but I declined, stating that they needed it more than we did. Not true, perhaps, but I felt as if I'd gained some honor. I could use some honor about now.

After the fight, Ymira came to me. She said that she'd learned a great many things already from just that first battle. Flattering. She also said that she thought a woman of my renown should have a fief by now.

Not this again. It's only the women of my party who say such things, really... should I believe them? Then again, King Graveth is no woman (I'm sure of this, as he has a beard) and he said much the same thing.


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