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Ah, Beltane. Best not to think about that too much, and instead discuss happy things.

I won another tournament. This time at Tulga. What a grand tournament! All javelins and archery. I think I may have found my niche. Another 3500 in winnings.

After the show, I went to the tavern. And who should I find, but Bunduk! His 200 fee was easily paid, and he is now a member of my party.

I decided it would be prudent to again invest my winnings, not just go off and buy a round for everyone at the tavern (tempting as it was). The guild master set me up with a brewery for 2500, with an anticipated profit of 187 a week. Not much, but decent given the investment price. I think if I continue in this vein, spreading my investments out across all of Calradia, I'll end up with a steady income stream regardless of who is at war with whom.
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Headed back to Praven. Perhaps Bunduk will still be there; I'd like to hire him.

Morale is dropping among my men. The tournaments were good for me, but the men need blood to cheer their souls. Hopefully we will encounter bandits or deserters on our way to Praven.

Unfortunately, Katrin is not untouched by the melancholy of our group. She thanked me for taking her into the company, but told me she finds this life no more to her liking than driving a wagon. Too much cold, she said, too much hunger. I asked her to stay, but she wouldn't hear of it. I am sad to lose her.

When we reached Praven, I found that Bunduk had gone, but I met a man named Nizar, who fancies himself a warrior poet and a great lover. He is a good looking black man, to be fair. And he's on a horse. I decided to take him into my party.
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Praven. There were two men of interest in town: Artimenner and Bunduk.

Artimenner's an engineer. While I see myself needing such skills eventually (for constructing ladders and siege towers to take castles and cities), I think those days are unfortunately still a ways off. He may prove himself in battle in the meantime, but he wants 300 denars just to come on board. Were I in need of his engineering skills, it would have been worth it, but as it is, I've told him good day. Perhaps our paths will cross later at a more opportune time.

Bunduk, on the other hand, seemed immediately useful and only wanted 200 denars to join on. When I went to check my purse, though, I realized that I only had 548 to my name, and my men would soon need to be paid. I told Bunduk I couldn't afford his services just now.

I had to question myself. Why was I on this grand tour, looking to take on skilled soldiers, when I hadn't the cash flow to support such an endeavor? I realized that, in truth, I'd taken on this new plan out of mere boredom. Not a very wise reason.

The problem: I need money before I can get more men. I've been doing okay with killing bands of raiders, but not enough to really pull me up out onto solid ground. How else to make money, I wondered...

Then it came to me: tournaments. I'd won the tournament in Praven, right after coming to this land. My skills have greatly improved since then. Surely I can risk placing some sly bets on myself and really make some money. I went to the arena in Praven and asked the tournament master where the next tournament would be. Sargoth.

So, to Sargoth it is. We ride.

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