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So, yeah. The tournament in Veluca.

It did not go well. Déjà vu...

But it turns out that there's a feast going on, and that there'll be multiple tournaments each day for a few days.

In my second tournament I actually did very well—I won, in fact. Afterward they invited me up to the castle for some wine. There were a few counts there, all of whom were rather nice to me. Flirted with me a bit, I think, though I'm not much good at gauging these things. Still, none of them struck my fancy, and in reality no one is going to seriously consider sharing my tent on the battlefield. It's difficult, being a lady of war in these times. Men don't take you seriously.

Do I wish to marry? At some point, perhaps. It might even be necessary in order to build my standing in Calradia. In reality, it may mean marrying for power, rather than love or desire. My heart sinks a bit at the thought. But why worry about that, when it's so far in the future? Sigh. Yes, why worry indeed. Perhaps because I can't help it.

I don't know if it's the fact that I'm preoccupied with this new idea of seeking love or what, but the rest of the tournaments in Veluca did not go so well. I participated in two more, and lost them both. But the valor I'd proven allowed me access to the feast, which allowed me to hob nob a bit, and the king gave me a gig collecting taxes (always profitable).

So, not a total wash. He also hinted that a person of my valor should lend my sword to the realm. I'm not sure I'm ready for that just now.
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