Sep. 5th, 2010

laure: (Laure at Court)
I have grown bored of killing sea raiders. I have decided instead to ride a grand circuit through Calradia in search of more friends.

While passing through Wercheg, I happened upon Firentis, a poor soul who, in a drunken moment, kind of sort of killed his own brother. He feels bad about it. Honestly. And he is look to redeem himself... through... more murder. But murder of only bad people! To whom he is no relation!

He asked for no money to join me, and the price seemed right.
laure: (Firelit Laure)
Sigh. Firentis came to me, calling Katrin a harlot. He said that every time she sees him she points the five fingers of her hand at him—a peasant's sign to ward off evil. He said that he knows he probably deserves that treatment, but he'd rather not endure it. He seems genuine in his repentance. However, a fratricide is a fratricide, in my book. I told him that Katrin is a capable member of this company, and that he shouldn't pick fights with her.

Then I thought on it some more.

When it comes down to it, it seems Katrin now hates two members of my party. Baheshtur I would like to keep, but Firentis... well, I don't much like him myself. After some reflection, I have asked Firentis to pack up his things and go.

I dropped him off near the city of Tihr.

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