Aug. 29th, 2010

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I rode to Rindyar Castle, but it turned out the Count wasn't in. Dammit. Now I have to go find him. An awful lot of work for 30 denars.
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Good news! I found Count Meltor. He was having a battle against some Khergits. I waited for the battle to subside and delivered my letter. He was grateful, and in fact was so grateful he gave me a quest. I'm to hunt down Sigmar Hot-Head (yes, that's evidently his name), a murderer who's hiding out in the village of Veidar. I'm not even sure where Veider is, but I took the assignment anyway, because there's 300 denars in it.

Turns out Veidar's a bit far, but still in Swadia. Back towards Praven, a fairly safe ride. I sure could use this money, as I don't have enough to recruit troops at this point... I've barely enough to pay the mercenaries I have.
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I rode into Veidar in the late afternoon to hunt down the murderer.

Veidar's a decent little village, not doing too poorly, set just below a hill in pleasant rolling woodland. I rode around and around and around the village, looking for that scoundrel with the ridiculous name. Finally found him hiding behind a fishing shack. He seemed to have been living inside it, subsisting off herrings. I told him he fit the description of Sigmar Hot-Head, which he of course denied. I told him to put down his sword to prove his innocence, and he retorted that I'd have to earn my silver. "Alas that you cannot be made to see reason!" I sighed, slicing him open before riding off to claim my 300 denars from Count Meltor.

On my way to find Meltor, I had the extreme privilege of running face to face into King Harlaus. He noted my banner, and made mention that he's always looking for good warriors to fight for him, once they've proven themselves... maybe one of these days. We'll have to see how he does against his foes before I sign on with him. He had an excellent task for me, though, one that couldn't have come at a better time—to collect taxes from the city of Praven. I'll get to keep one-fifth the income!

I rode straight to Praven... Count Meltor's pitiful 300 denar bounty can wait.

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